Why visit

Reason 1: Holding in large Scale 
Shenzhen Pet Exhibition has been held for four sessions, and its exhibition area, exhibitors and attendance have increased year by year. It has currently become the bellwether of pet industry in South China.

Reason 2: Gathering completely Product Variety
Over 3000 brands from more than 30 countries and 200 regions around the world are presented at Shenzhen International Pet Supplies Exhibition.

Reason 3: A full-coverage Platform 
To catch the industry context, seize the market opportunities, focus on the advancement dream of pet industry, and create an extremely influential platform in South China.

Reason 4: A show with wonderful Activities 
2019 China Pet Store Operation Management Summit
Domestic senior industry mentors are specifically invited to pass on experiences for the pet retail industry, broaden ideas, and solve weaknesses of store operation and management.

2019 Asia Pacific E-Commerce and Cross-border E-Commerce Summit
Major Internet E-commerce giants are invited to conduct multi-perspective and multi-dimensional analysis of those completely new opportunities and challenges encountered by the industrial chain of relevant pet industry under the context of "E-commerce and cross-border E-commerce". 

2019 Lecture on Chinese Pet Groomer Elites Salon
A number of prominent masters in pet grooming industry are invited to teach in person, provide domestic pet grooming practitioners with training courses geared to international standards, and make due contribution to the progress of China's pet industry.

Practical Courses on Cleaning and Grooming of Fierce Cats for Pet Stores
In order to help the pet grooming practitioner improve the relevant professional skills, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition specially invites well-known pet grooming lecturers and cats-caring talents to teach pet store owners about practical cleaning & grooming processes.

Little Pet Party
There will be a special display area for little pets, so that pet lovers can not only see all kinds of little pets or cold-blooded crawling pets, but also learn about relevant scientific feeding knowledge.

Dog Games & Cross-country Challenge
Crossing tunnels, 100 meter acceleration... cutie pets challenge themselves, break through the limits, and rush for growth journey exclusively belonging to them by joining together with their masters.

Contest for Recruiting Cutie Pets
A number of cutie pets gather here, going all out in temperament, competing appearance, showing personality, and spreading out unique charm. The pet most loved by thousands of pet lovers will win the trophy of individuality and generous bonus granted by Shenzhen Pet Exhibition. 

"Cat Space"——Display Area of World-famous Cats
World famous cats gather here to show their good figures and cutie expressions. These cats include tender and cutie ragdolls, wild leopard cats, compact and charming Abbies, mighty and strong Norwegian forest cats.

Lecture on Family Pet-raising Knowledge
Senior domestic dog trainers are invited to teach in amusement to popularize the family pet-raising knowledge among pet lovers, solve daily pet-raising problems, pass on featured dog training skills, share pet-raising pleasure and increase pet lover's affections.

Class for Dog Behavior Correction 
In order to provide an excellent platform for scientific dog-raising, and create an good environment for raising dogs with love, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition joins hands with CGC to bring the general public into and advocate that do not cause trouble and inconvenience to other people and the environment while bringing happiness to yourself from the civilized dog-raising.

Pet Free Treatment
By working together with experts from various pet hospitals, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition offers free on-site physical examination for pets and shares knowledge about pet health to pet lovers.

Pet Adoption
In order to help many stray pets find new homes with love, an on-site pet adoption area is specifically arranged at Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, calling on the public to care for stray cats and dogs, using adoption instead of buying, and giving more warmth to those stray cats and dogs.
Reason 5: The Cutie Pets will appear on the show
Many pet stars make stage poses, causing sensations on the scene.

Reason 6: Abundant Gifts 
Direct selling of factory ensures both quality and quantity. Price will be cheaper and the storage of brand pet food & supplies will make you free from worry. Only choose the right one, not the expensive one. Non-stop offering of gifts on the scene is also favorable.

Reason 7: Delicious Food, Beautiful Scenery, Cutie Pets
Taste the delicious food from different places and different countries.
Appreciate local customs and conditions of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area;
Experience the fashion life of pet-raising in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 

Why visit

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