Why exhibit

The annual industry pageant
A one-up platform that gathers the trade visitors and pet lovers at home and abroad, covering the people in all fields of the pet industry across the country and around the world, and offering the cooperation for domestic and overseas pet trade.
The annual release of new product
Covering the integrated industrial chain of pet food, supplies and medical care. All kinds of new products and new technologies are centralized promotion and release,which is the preferred platform for trade development and brand promotion.
Zero-distance contact between traders and consumers
A platform for face-to-face communication between manufacturers and ultimate consumers. The enterprise can show their strength to improve the brand influence and cultivate the core consumer groups.
Over 150 thousand industry buyer’s data for support
Honor Times, owing more than 20 years of mature experience in holding exhibition together with a professional team of over 100 people, possesses a large database of industry buyers. The professional supporting services and the accurate buyer's invitation have built the high quality trade bridge for both sides of supply and demand.
Research into domestic pet market and start the new tour of promotion
To in-depth the pet market in major provinces and cities throughout the country and make a door-to-door visit to the distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce, pet stores, pet associations and other related derivative industry merchants. And issue our VIP visiting invitation one-for-one.
The HuangPuJunXiao National Itinerant Lectures
From 2017 to present, Professional Audience Organizing Tour have been to 12 cities and held about 20 itinerant lectures. Besides, we went to 16 provinces and cities and delivered invitation to the pet store and pet market, face to the terminal store.
2019, we are on continue.
Online and Offline Integrated Marketing, with a Full Range of Promotion
Joint promote with social App, Baidu, Toutiao, WeChat, Weibo are all covered and in-depth cooperation with more than 100 professional media, precise advertising in TV, radio, bus, joint promotion in thousands of pet hospitals and stores.

Why exhibit

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