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The News Conference of Hangzhou Pet Exhibition
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The strategic layout in the market of East China

Hangzhou International Pet Supplies Exhibition will be held on March next year

The news release conference of Hangzhou International Pet Supplies Exhibition was held by Honor Times at the conference hall of Hangzhou Yinjiang Hotel on November 1, 2018. And the HuangPuJunXiao Itinerant Lecture held in Hangzhou at the same time.
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Shenzhen Pet Supplies Exhibition held by Honor Times has become a dark horse in the pet exhibition industry in China. Basing China, connecting Asia, facing the world, are the constant development directions of Shenzhen Pet Supplies Exhibition. For comply with the development of the times, Honor Times takes a strategical step now, to develop the market of East China and spread Yangtze River Delta.

Zhu Shuilin, president of Zhejiang pet industry association, He Xinfu, president of Zhejiang pet products industry association, Su Eryong, secretary general of Pingyang pet food and product industry association, Ms. Jiang Leilei, deputy secretary general of Zhejiang import and export pet food and products industry association, Zhang Yucheng, chairman of Taiwan pet entrepreneurship association and other entrepreneur attended the conference. There were many medias and colleagues of pet industry gathered together to witness this important moment.

Zhu Shuilin, president of Zhejiang pet industry association
Zhang Yucheng, chairman of Taiwan pet entrepreneurship association

“Hangzhou is the central city of Yangtze River Delta city group, and also main city of internet industry development. In 2017, Hangzhou has a residential population of 9.4 million, floating population of 6 million, and the per capita GDP amounted to 120,271 RMB, making a strong economy foundation for the development of the pet industry. The first cross-border pet industry comprehensive testing ground was formally established in Hangzhou. It’s a comprehensive industrial demonstration zone covers trade, logistics, research and development, regulatory and service of pet. It marks Hangzhou's pet industry officially ranked as the forefront of the country, and has built an industrial platform for the development of the pet industry. In recent years, with the improvement of per capita GDP, the increase of pet raising ratio, willingness enhanced of pet consumption and other elements, all of these will continue to promote the development of pet industry in Zhejiang and its neighboring provinces and cities. The pet consumption market is growing rapidly. The above are the reasons why we hold the Hangzhou Pet Supplies Exhibition”said by the CEO of Honor Times, Mr. Song.
Mr. Song, the CEO of Honor Times
Mr. Luo, the project manager of Honor Times

At the beginning of the vigorous development of the pet industry economy, Honor Times held one of the China's largest pet exhibitions, namely China(Shenzhen)International Pet Supplies Exhibition. Successfully held since 2015, after four years of market development, the 4th China(Shenzhen)International Pet Supplies Exhibition held this year with 30,000 sq.m attracted 400 exhibitors with 2,000 brands, 9,064 buyers and 71,294 visitors at home and abroad. Nowadays, it has become a professional trade platform covers market development, brand promotion, new product release, industry information exchange and the interaction between human beings and pets.

It is the first appearance of Hangzhou Pet Exhibition on March 29 to 31 next year and choose the Hangzhou International Expo Center as the venue, with the exhibit scope covers pet food, supplies, live pet, pet e-commerce, pet medical and treatment, etc. As the first pet exhibition of 2019 in East China, it’s a preferred platform for companies to promote brands and release new products. Depend on the mature exhibition experience for 20 years ,plus the professional service and all range of resource advantages, building a high quality trade bridge for the pet food and pet product manufacturers and traders to get a toehold in Yangtze River Delta

At that time, there will be some events during the show. For instance, the forum of Chinese pet industry, CKU champion dog show, pet beautician elite salon, CKU beautician qualification examination, pet store operation management summit, top ten award of pet stores in East China. In addition, there are also some activities like pet adoption, free treatment, dog games and lecture of raising pet for the pet lovers. And over than 3,000 buyers and 30,000 consumers will be invited to the exhibition.

Looking forward to your participation to Hangzhou Pet Supplies Exhibition next year.


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