Show Report of the 4th Pet Supplies Exhibition 
1. Four years of hard work such like a fast-growing tree    

Form May 1-5, the 4th China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The show with the exhibition area is 30,000 sq.m, 400 brand exhibitors at home and abroad and 3000 exhibit brands attracted more than 70,000 visitors. Tens of thousands of colleagues in pet industry and pet lovers both at home and abroad gathered together to discuss the development trend of pet industry, share unlimited business opportunities, and exchange pet culture, playing an important role in the development of pet industry in South China. 

After four years of active explorations and cumulative precipitations, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition has developed into one of the flagship exhibitions in China's pet industry, and has become an integrated platform covering functions of new product release, brand promotion, domestic sales, foreign trade export and the interaction between human beings and pets. Its advantages of good brand effect and penetration of the whole industry chain have won the praises of brand merchants and many colleagues in the pet industry, and its rich and colorful on-site activities as well as professional and meticulous exhibition services have been loved and recognized by tens of thousands of visitors. China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition has stood out and shown its competitive edge within just a few years!
2. Data-based 

Four years of hard work such like a fast-growing tree. In the past four years, the number of exhibitors has increased progressively year by year, and the scale of exhibition has also expanded year after year, steadily advancing with the upward trend! The Shenzhen Pet Exhibition has not only built a high-quality trade bridge for exhibitors and visitors, but also plays a positive role in promoting the vigorous development of China's pet industry. In this case, the market potential is self-evident in the future.
3. Brand Gathered with High Popularity 
Annual carnival event for pet lovers and Excellent activities during the show

"Newton" Cup CFA World Purebred Cat Competition
2018 CKU All Dog Breeds Championship Dog Show
2018 CKU South China Pet Groomer Qualification Examination
Practical Courses on Cleaning and Grooming of Fierce Cats for Pet Stores
China Pet Store Operation Management Summit
Asia Pacific E-Commerce and Cross-border E-Commerce Summit
Lecture on Chinese Pet Groomer Elites Salon
Cutie Pet Challenges
"Cat Space"——Display Area of World-famous Cats 
Nationwide Dog Games —Finals (Shenzhen Stop)
Lecture on Family Pet-raising Knowledge


Over 500 Brand Enterprises attended the show

During the exhibition, there were numerous of buyers, and many professional buyers came from afar. Each booth was swarmed with visitors, and businessmen were busy on communicating and negotiating. Shenzhen Pet Exhibition exudes its infinite charm as a leading platform for pet trade cooperation both at home and abroad.
List of partial exhibitors

4. Full Range of Promotion and Publicity
Online & Offline Integrated Marketing and Cooperate with Many Media

The successful holding of exhibition is inseparable from the supports behind the team. With more than 20 years of mature experience in holding exhibitions, a professional team of more than 100 persons, 100,000 industry buyer data resources, professional supporting services and precise buyer invitation, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition has established a high-quality trade bridge for both supplier and demanders, and allowed the the participating brand to show the extremely value.

In the early stage of exhibition, Shenzhen Pet Exhibition worked with more than 100 highly influential network media and traditional media, arrange all-around coverage of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as overlay of We-media and advertisement board, and realize online & offline all-round publicity. In the past year, the organizing committee has traveled to 11 key provinces and cities such as Guiyang, Haikou, Fuzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha and so on,  and held more than 10 sessions of "Phase IV HuangPuJunXiao National Itinerant Lecture", laying a solid foundation for the accumulation of professional audience.

Favourable Comments with High Expectations 
Every appearance of Shenzhen Pet Supplies Exhibition has been pinned on the industry for more hopes and futures! It is gratifying that the holding of every exhibition has been recognized and loved by countless colleagues in pet industry. 
Messages from Exhibitors
Petsmiling (HK) International Limited
Millions of thanks for the organizer of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, we are very fortunate and also honored to participate in the 4th Shenzhen Pet Exhibition as a business exhibitor. This year is also currently the most grand and unprecedented session of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition! In terms of exhibitors and visitors flow, we can't help but wonder how colorful and how prosperous will the future of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition be! We hope that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition will be able to strengthen its initial resolution, live up to the future, and provide a better and higher-end exhibition & trade platform for the Chinese pet industry.
Shanghai Chowsing Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.  
In this session of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, our Company's "NOURSE" attended the exhibition as scheduled and benefited a lot. The effect of exhibition has exceeded expectations in terms of outstanding visitors flow rate, scale and organization. The propaganda work of the exhibition organizer is quite in place, and the related information of exhibition can be seen via the Internet, road signs, buses, TV and other channels. At the same time, exhibition audiences are very enthusiastic. The "NOURSE" brand continues to secure its South China market through this session of exhibition. We hope that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition can continue to make progress and leap forward!
Guangcheng (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Boqii, participating as a platinum sponsor of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, has benefited a lot. This session of exhibition, regardless of its on-site visitors flow, exhibition scale, or the organizer's on-site organization and management, early-stage promotion and publicity, as well as other aspects, has been leaping towards the high-level international exhibition. In addition, Boqii also expands its share in the South China market with the help of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition platform!
Shanghai Enova Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.
The Exhibition for three consecutive years has played a role that can't be underestimated in the establishment of "Pure & Natural" brand in South China region. The development of exhibition represents the industry development and "Pure & Natural" brand has not only witnessed the growth of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, but also saw the future of China's pet industry. We wish that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition will become better and better and also believe that there will be more in-depth cooperation in the future!
Quotations from Professional Audience
Hengxian Jiamei Pet Store 
First of all, thanks for the warm reception of the organizer. The home field environment at the exhibition impressed us a lot. The products displayed and various supporting facilities are in place. The organizer has also provided good services to professional audience. The overall effect is very satisfying!
Quanzhou Bark Star Pet Store 
The five-day Shenzhen Pet Exhibition is generally very impressive. The exhibition services are professional, and the on-site region division is clear, and many well-known brands at home and abroad also appeared on the exhibition. We hope that it will become even larger and better next year!
Foshan Xinhe Pet Supplies Wholesale Co., Ltd.

The on-site services are warm and thoughtful, there were many participating brands, and the products are rich and distinctive. Among the rest, the distributor-agent evening banquet organized by the organizer provides a very good industry communicate platform where pet elites from all over the country gather together to talk about the future and gain a lot. We hope that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition will be more excellent next year!
Guangzhou Green Island Pet Trade Co., Ltd.
Thanks for the warm reception from the organizer! It is very rewarding for us to participate in this exhibition. At the exhibition site, we found cooperative manufacturers. At the agent evening banquet hosted by the organizer, we met pet industry partners with same minds. Looking forward to seeing a larger-scale exhibition next year!
6. Joining the New Journey in 2019 

Actually, as a newcomer, the Shenzhen Pet Fair is young and vibrant which that possesses infinite potentials. It will continue to make full use of the advantages of its own platform, work together with the domestic and foreign pet supplies manufacturers, distributors and retailers to jointly build an international exhibition that leads the bellwether of China's pet industry.
In the future, our team will continues adhering to the spirit of enterprise of "pragmatic, diligent, positive, passionate and innovative" and conscientiously implement the fundamental tenet of "customer first, service first, building efficient platform and creating a wide range of value for customers". Meanwhile, we will strengthen the publicity and promotion at home and abroad, closely contact with overseas exhibitors and buyers, to let Pet Fair Shenzhen move towards an real international exhibition. In addition, we will offer more professional matching services, more accurate buyer invitation, to build a higher-quality pet industry trade bridge for exhibitors and audience. And together with the colleagues of pet industry for a win-win future.

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