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The Global Promotion Tour---Thailand International Dog Show
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The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition (2019)

Official Start of Global Promotion Tour

The 3rd Stop: Bangkok, Thailand

On July 5-8, 2018, the 17th Thailand International Dog Show was held at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. On July 5, the overseas development team of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition went to Bangkok, Thailand to visit and communicate. During this exhibition, the overseas development team of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition conducted in-depth communicate with exhibitors on the differences between the local pet market and the pet industry in these two countries, while studying the characteristics of Thai Pet Show. Besides that, the overseas development team also distributed sincere invitations to participate in the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition (2019), and many exhibitors expressed their great expectations.

Introduction of the exhibition

As the unique pet show in ASEAN, Thailand International Pet Show gathered more than 200 companies participating in the exhibition, attracting as many as 300,000 buyers to visit. It is understood that dog products and services in Thailand continue to grow at a rate of 10%-15%, and the number of pet dogs in Thailand ranks among top ten in the world. It is reported that pet dog market is the largest and most dynamic part of Thai pet industry and also is the largest in ASEAN market.

Thailand is the central market for pet supplies and decorative products industry in Southeast Asia, and the products launched by brand manufacturers of Thai pet industry possess the advantages of novel design and good quality. For this reason, this Thailand Pet Show has gathered a large number of professional buyers to visit. Thus, Bangkok, Thailand, the 3rd stop of our overseas promotion tour of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition is the best place for us to gather excellent buyers.

The promotion tour in Bangkok, We has not only made the pet industry in Thailand become aware of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, but also deepened the cooperation and communicate between the pet industries in both countries. However, our tour is not over yet. Our footsteps will spread all over the world, looking for global buyers, creating a flagship exhibition for the China's pet industry, and going global by joining hands with Chinese brands of pet products.

Please Expects

The 4th stop of developing overseas channels—— Jakarta!


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